RIS and PACS Support

What Is RIS and PACS?

Radiology information systems or RIS is essentially a network designed to manage imagery and data as it pertains to the medical field. Think of it as a secure medical vault where all information is stored and tracked on a daily basis. RIS is primarily used in radiology scheduling, patient tracking, reporting, and image tracking. It allows radiologist to keep track of data that can be used for billing purposes and overall client health.

A picture archiving and communication system or PACS is a network utilized exclusively for medical images. Hospitals that use a PACS system are able to utilize health IT for long term and short term storage, capture, and sharing of medical images.



What Can We Do?

First Time Configuration: Lion Tech are experts in the RIS and PACS systems. We have the ability to get you started from the ground up if you have never used these types of IT systems. The ins and outs of RIS and PACS can be difficult to figure out, especially because of the fact that RIS and PACS need to be configured together to ensure images can be shared with efficiency.

Continued Support: We would love to assist you with any emergency RIS or PACs job that you need. We understand that unforeseen situations can cripple a radiology unit and we want to be your first call. Our professionals are certified in their craft and will not leave the scene until you are satisfied. We work for you and We Will Fix It!

Contact us for your RIS and PACS needs! We promise to get you up and running, as well as keep you there. Nothing is more important than patient safety and efficiency…we provide both.

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